Meanwhile the largest Dutch Ocicat organization with breeders and Ocicat fans from all over the world.

In cooperation with breeders nationally and internationally, they aim to enlarge the genetic base and maintain the health of the Ocicat. Veterinary experts and experienced breeders are consulted on specific issues such as genetics. Of course assistance is provided to those who start to breed ocicats, regardless if they want to have just the one litter or more. Help is available with placing kittens or finding a suitable stud.

What are the aims of our workgroup?

The magazine ‘OCI-MINDED’ will appear 4 or 5 times a year and will be send to interested breeders and owners or those people with an interest in the Ocicat. We will try and present an extensive range of news and facts all themed on the Ocicat. An essential part of the magazine will be stories and photos from Ocicat owners, so that there will be something for everybody. If you are interested to share your stories and photos about your companion do not hesitate to send something in.

For any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

Information about the Ocicat Abyssinian line